Are you a mental health or wellbeing brand, entrepreneur or expert?

Have you got a story to tell and a message to share?

Are you frustrated at being the best-kept secret in your industry?

Do you want people to know who you are and what you do?

Are you fed up with seeing your competitors on the pages of magazines and on the social feeds of influencers?

What we are really asking is, do you want to be seen in the press?

If you do, welcome to Devon Trice Public Relations, the home of mental health and wellbeing PR.

Forget fluff, spin and jargon; we are 100% focused on pure PR and strategic media relations that help promote growth, drive change and make a difference.

Global mental wellbeing has never faced such a challenge, and we know that the media’s appetite for information, research, stories and experts at the top of their game has never been greater.

PR done well is not only powerful but priceless. Our clients are leading real conversations across the media landscape that are helping to not only make lives better, but also save them; yes, really!

By working with journalists and influencers, our clients are part of a movement to raise awareness, break down taboos and ensure access to information and services is more accessible than ever.

Founded by Natalie Trice, we use big-agency knowledge to create bespoke campaigns that get our clients in front of the right people every day.

We are experienced, nimble, proactive, responsive and passionate and with a policy for honesty and transparency, we are genuinely valued by clients, the media and the wider comms community. 

For every client that works with us, in any capacity, we donate to The Blurt Foundation to help fund their vital work in the mental health space.

If you’re looking for a specialist agency that gets results that make a difference on many levels, we are here; the question is, are you ready to be seen and heard?