About Us

Devon Trice Public Relations, the home of PR for good mental health and wellbeing, is the brainchild of PR powerhouse Natalie Trice.  

With over 25 years of experience, Natalie has worked with brands including Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Earthwatch, Betty Crocker, TM Lewin, Sense, Harley Street Fertility Clinic, and many more.  From Tom and Jerry launches in Europe to James Cameron premieres in Amsterdam and hanging out at media parties worldwide, she’s been there, got the t-shirts, awards, and coverage.  

However, today, her business solely represents brands, entrepreneurs and experts in the mental health and wellbeing world; something as an author, coach, mother and charity founder, she is passionate about and dedicated to putting this in the spotlight.

With the support of Executive Assistant Sally Todd and Technical Director Kelly Kemp, Natalie and her pool of well-seasoned PR consultants offer outstanding service and world-class media results.

Natalie is often seen in the national press and on TV, so she walks the walk and talks the PR talk, never asking clients to do anything she wouldn’t. 

As well as being a well-respected PR professional by peers and press alike, Natalie is the author of three books, an ICF accredited career coach and the founder of DDH UK, a charity supporting thousands of people around the world dealing with hip dysplasia. She’s a committee member for Women in PR, was a mentor at the University of Westminster and has guest lectured at Plymouth University and the University of Leeds. 

Natalie’s industry accolades included being named as:

One of the ‘45 Women Over 45 in PR’ by Women in PR UK

The most influential women in PR coaching 2021

A ‘Hip Legend for Global Contributions to DDH Health’

The 2020 Positivity Award winner from Women in Business

Most Influential Women in PR Coaching 2020

One of 50 global female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 by ideamensch.com

One of the top women in media by About Time Magazine in 2019

Based in Devon, when the Devon Trice Public Relations OOO is on, you will find Natalie on the beach with her family or in the surf with her dogs. 

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