PR Consultancy

At Devon Trice Public Relations, we pride ourselves on first-class, strategic media relations, which we offer on a retained basis.

PR is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, we work side by side with brands, entrepreneurs and experts to understand their purpose, ambition and goals. We take time to get to every client, but we don’t hang around and pride ourselves on hitting the ground running from day one.

As a seamless addition to their teams, we ensure their messages are landing in the right inboxes and are opened. With excellent press contacts across the media landscape and in the mental health and wellbeing world, we are in touch with them every day, and while we are always professional, first name terms and replies are what it’s all about for us.

We know who is moving publications, which journalists are stepping into freelancing, when they go on maternity leave, they get a good luck message from our team, and when they come back, we are the first to say hello.

We don’t read about movers and shakers from industry newsletters; instead, people tell us directly what’s going on with them, and this is just one DTPR superpower. 

PR success is knowing whom our mental health and wellbeing brands need to be seen by and focussing our efforts on the media those people consume. Yes, we live in a social media-led age, and we’ve got that covered, but broadcast, print and online PR are still essential, and we are masters in getting our clients where it most matters for them.

As well as creating captivating campaigns and proactively approaching the press, we receive hundreds of media requests a day that we react to immediately – the competition is hot, and we don’t want to miss out.

Whether it’s Forbes, Vogue, The Times, Glamour, OM Yoga or Natural Health, if they are looking for content that our clients can offer, we provide it daily and even hourly.

We are fast to act, nimble in our approach and have a reputation for offering the media what they want when they want it, which means happy press and very happy clients.

Reactive retained packages start from £1000 a month, for a minimum of six months, and full press office functions have a starting point of £2000 a month.

We know that a clear runway is needed to get onto the radar of key press and influencers, and when they are there, they come back to us time and again, so this policy helps bring more value to you and ongoing, sustained results.

We are proud to represent award-winning mental health and wellbeing brands, entrepreneurs and experts, and if you think we could help you, get in touch and let’s talk.