The PR Sanctuary is more than a membership, it’s a collaborative community for wellbeing and mental health businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts to unite and lead powerful, bold conversations in the media.   

It’s where the skills are learned so that messages and stories can be shared on a global stage.

It’s a place for practitioners to find the confidence to speak their truth and find their voice.

Free from fluff and jargon, with a no-clique policy, inside The PR Sanctuary experience, expertise and ideas are shared with generosity and wisdom.

If you want to take control of your PR and change the narrative around wellbeing and mental health, the time is now.


Looking for PR expertise and guidance but not ready for a retained agency? 

Fed up with seeing your competitors smiling at you from the pages of magazines, or hearing their voices on podcasts? 

Got great experience and advice to share but not sure whom to tell and how to tell it? 

Kind of know what PR is, but not totally sure and don’t know who to ask? 

Good at engaging with influencers on Instagram, but wish you could move from their DMs to their grid?

Always dreamt of being in national newspapers but worried you’ll be found out as a fraud?

If this is you, then welcome to The PR Sanctuary, a new, vibrant community and a movement that is all about wider, bolder conversations that need to be in the spotlight. 

This is for brands, entrepreneurs and experts in the wellbeing and mental health space who want to be seen and heard in the media, talking about the matters that, well, matter.

This is where you will learn how to become a go-to expert for the media.

You’ll know whom to talk to, how to reach them, and what to say. 

You’ll stop thinking that being in the press is for everyone else and enjoy reaping the rewards of being out there.

You will gain the confidence to step outside your inbox comfort zone and start pitching the right press at the right time. 

As your coach and biggest cheerleader, you will be given the tools to say goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and welcome media success into your wellbeing and mental health business. 

Even better, you will also gain a whole new network of business owners who will be there to celebrate your wins and who knows, we might even meet in real life one day. 

If you turn up weekly, do the work, chase the opportunities, and are serious about being seen, the rewards are there for the taking, and you’ll never look back.

The media won’t come to you my darling but if you are willing to put in the time and energy into PR, this could well be the business ride of your life.  

“There’s only one word to describe Natalie: amazing! She’s been my mentor for several months and has helped me find the confidence I needed to shine in my PR career. Thank you for helping me believe in myself and my knowledge, Natalie. You’re a star!”

Natalie, Harvey and Hugo


If you work in the wellbeing or mental health space and want to build media relationships and gain regular, high-value exposure by taking control of your visibility, The PR Sanctuary has your name all over it. 

The PR Sanctuary is perfect for complete beginners to PR who want to give it a go and need the support of others to get out there and be seen. 

However, for those who have some knowledge and are ready to take things to the next level, there’s a seat waiting for you too.

Yoga teacher? Come on in ✔️

Nutritionist? Come on in ✔️

GP? Come on in ✔️

Mental Health Charity? Come on in ✔️

Personal Trainer? Come on in ✔️

Marriage Counsellor? Come on in ✔️

Fitness Clothing Brand? Come on in ✔️

Fertility Specialist? Come on in ✔️

Life Coach? Come on in ✔️

Eating Disorders Therapist? Come on in ✔

Doula? Come on in ✔️

Healer? Come on in ✔️

Money mindset expert? Come on in ✔️

Physiotherapist? Come on in ✔️

Self development author? Come on in ✔️

The list goes on, but if you work within the wellbeing and mental health space and offer a service or sell a product, The PR Sanctuary is for you. 

I will be there to welcome you in, introduce you to other members and help make your path to stardom as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

Natalie is a PR genius. She got me coverage in The Daily Mail, Radio 4, The Mirror, The Express, The Guardian, You Magazine, Wired, and even an agony aunt column in Pick Me Up Magazine. She’s also incredibly personable, generous with her knowledge, and easy to work with.  If you want to learn how to get valuable PR coverage, she’s your woman!

Hannah Martin, Founder, Talented Ladies Club

What does membership get me?

In The PR Sanctuary, you will get a warm welcome and a consistent blend of coaching and teaching mixed with a side serving of kick-ass confidence building. There will be networking opportunities together with great resources and no end of exciting opportunities you may never thought would come your way. 

So, what’s inside, I hear you ask? 

  • I am super excited to announce that there will be a monthly money-can’t-buy guest speaker to enhance PR learning and confidence further. Whether it’s a journalist contact of mine, a wicked social media expert, a creative brand photographer or a marvellous mindset coach, each one will have been hand-picked by me because they bring something unique to the PR table.

  • The PR Sanctuary Lounge (aka a private Facebook group) is a safe online space for members to interact with one another, ask questions and look for advice. Sometimes we want a second pair of eyes or a cheer for stepping out of our comfort zones, and that’s what the lounge is all about. You will get access the moment you join, with a welcome from me and the chance to introduce yourself to the gang from the get-go.

  • Media opportunities will be shared at The PR Sanctuary Lounge, which will come from various sources, including my contacts, who trust me to offer excellent experts - including you. Not only does this mean you can test your pitching skills for accuracy to score confidence-boosting and funnel-driving coverage, but you can also use these contacts to build your database.

  • Inside The PR Sanctuary Lounge, there will be a weekly Monday motivation message to give you some PR accountability for the week ahead, as well as a Friday check-in so you can share your wins and be celebrated by your peers.

  • On the 1st of each month, a new PR Sanctuary Resource will be dropped into the files section of The PR Sanctuary Lounge. Whether this is a template, checklist, how-to guide, or activity, this added value will help bring all you learn inside the membership together.

My Promise to you

My promise to you is that during our time together (based on staying in the membership for 12 months), you will: 

Have a solid understanding of PR and know how it can work for you and your business

Your press office function will be set up, and your press pack will be saved on your desktop, with documents ready to send out in minutes.

Your images will be spot-on and media-ready – no more low-resolution selfies for you.

You’ll be able to write a one-page press release that contacts will read and use

You will establish relationships with journalists and influencers and create and update your own media database.

You’ll be able to pitch to the press like a pro by email, phone, and Twitter.

You’ll be privy to insider hints and tips so you can hit the ground running and win the coverage you believe is yours for the taking.

You’ll know how to use social media to spot great media opportunities and be confident to action them.

Your competitors will keep seeing you in newspapers and magazines and wondering HOW you are doing it.

You’ll no longer be the world’s best-kept secret.

You will be running your PR, week on week, month on month, year on year, and the results will have the potential to bring you web traffic, social media followers, new clients, kudos, confidence, and so much more!

I can’t guarantee coverage (that’s called advertising), but I’m confident that you will get in the press regularly, which will mean more people than ever will see and hear you and want to know more about you. 

You in? 

Natalie’s PR course made a huge difference to my business. In the first six weeks of the course, I’d gained not only the confidence to start my business and create the website but also wrote my first ever press release and got my business coverage in a local paper (print and online), BBC radio and on a large UK based blog. I’ve also tracked the clients from those specific PR efforts.

Cass Davis 

What's the investment?

Let’s face it, gracing the pages of Good Housekeeping, being quoted as an expert in Psychologies, or having your book reviewed by Business Insider can be priceless.

While working with my agency, Devon Trice Public Relations costs upwards of £1,500 a month, the price tag for the 50 founders of The PR Sanctuary comes in at £47 a month.

For your own PR guru and coach, it is £47 a month. 

£47 a month for vibrant, energised monthly calls with me and other industry experts. 

£47 a month for access to The PR Sanctuary Lounge, where you can hang out with like-minded business owners, share your wins, swap your stories, and even win prizes! 

£47 a month for PR accountability.

£47 a month to be part of something extraordinary and unique with people who are changing the world. 

£47 a month to be seen and heard by more people than ever before! 

£47 a month to have me 110% impact your business and confidence forever. 

£47 a month to be part of a movement that is putting bold, strong stories and subject matters that count, on the map for once and for all.

Whether you’re in London, Manchester, New York, Plymouth, Reading or Sydney, this impactful, game-changing business and self-development £47-month investment will help you dial down the doubts and kick-start your PR and visibility success. 

Natalie is a pleasure to work with. She is on the ball and works at speed. Whenever I had a question, she was always available and ready to answer – which is a massive help in the industry when every second counts! Natalie is reliable and trustworthy, and I will definitely be keeping in touch with her. I can’t wait for the next project!

Yasmin Harisha, Fabulous Daily


You’re a coach and want to shout about who you are and what you do, but a lack of know-how is holding you back right now.

Your therapy results speak for themselves, but it feels wrong to call yourself an expert. 

Your Pilates clients love you, but you’re paralysed by fear when it comes to self-promotion.

You teach healthy baking classes but want more parents to know you are there. 

You put new mums and dads at ease and need a steady flow of clients to knock on their door when their babies don’t sleep. 

As a personal trainer, you want to approach magazines like Red and Stylist as you share a powerful fitness message, but you’ve got no idea where to start. 

You’re frustrated at seeing your competitors in the press and wish you dared to do it yourself.

If you have nodded as you sip your coffee, I would love you to seriously consider coming on board, getting out of your own way, and showing up like we both know you can. 

The question is, are you brave enough to step out of the shadows and shine? 

It’s always been a pleasure to work with Natalie on comms-focused content for the audiences we engage with at Vuelio – Natalie has so much practical knowledge to share, with a deep bank of experience to draw from. I always know I can rely on her to come back with the snappy copy I can use.

Phoebe-Jane, Vuelio


I have worked in PR for 25 years, and I still LOVE it two decades on! 

I have a passion for magazines, I love the thrill of the media coverage chase, and it’s a privilege to share my extensive knowledge and understanding of the press with others so they can grow. 

For the first decade of my PR career, I worked with brands such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Epson, HP, and Discovery Channel and ensured they were continuously in the press worldwide. 

As a mother of young sons, I needed more flexibility, so I established my agency, representing entrepreneurs, health brands, and online business owners. 

Today I solely work with brands, businesses and experts in the mental health and wellbeing. 

I believe everyone has a right to access the information they need to live and feel great. By marrying mainstream media with gurus who hold the missing pieces, it becomes easier for people to read about and listen to my clients and get snippets of advice and a signpost for more support. 

I know that I have represented a mental health charity, an eating disorders expert, a leader in diversity, a coach for maternity returns, a psychotherapist, a nutrionist, a bio-energetics practitioner, domestic violence training organisation, and many more in 2022 alone what the press are looking for and I get results daily. 

The Daily Mail, Metro, Breath, SheerLuxe, Independent, Shape, Healthline, Patient, Platinum, Mollie, Baking Heaven, Telegraph, Yahoo Life.

In 2020, I trained as an ICF-accredited coach, allowing me to empower more business owners to take PR into their own hands by giving them the skills and confidence they need to be in newspapers and magazines and on TV, radio, and social media. 

In 2022 I was named one of the 45 over 45 Women in PR. In 2020 I received the Positivity Award from Women in Business and was named the Most Inspiring Women in Coaching PR. I have been one of the 50 Global Female Entrepreneurs to Watch by and cited as a leading female figure in media by About Time Magazine in 2019. 

I live in Devon, so when I’m not working, you’ll find me in the surf with my sons, on the beach with my dogs, or reading Grazia in a coffee shop by the sea and plotting my next book. 

“I first worked with Natalie when she organised, easily the best press trip I’ve ever been on, and since then, she has kept me supplied with a steady stream of interesting experts and innovative products. She’s a joy to work with – honest, reliable, and professional to the core. I’d call her a true friend rather than a colleague, even though we’ve yet to meet, and that tells you everything you need to know about what working with her is like.”

Heidi, Psychologies 


How long does the membership last?

The PR Sanctuary is a rolling monthly membership. 

Do I need past PR experience? 

You do not need past PR experience; if you have it, great, but I will be here to take you through becoming media savvy and PR confident, so don’t let your experience get in your way of joining me and my experts. 

How much does The PR Sanctuary Membership cost? 

The PR Sanctuary Membership is £47 a month for founding members, paid either monthly or if you pay an annual subscription, it will be £470, saving you two months’ fees. 

Can’t I get this for free online? 

We all know that there are many free courses and challenges out there; each one is valid and has its place. The PR Sanctuary has been designed with you in mind. As such, I not only teach you the foundations of this powerful communications tool, but you get access to my industry experience, contacts, and ICF-accredited coaching. 

I will be here with you every step of the way, offering accountability and cheerleading and being there when the doubt creeps in to remind you that you can do this. This isn’t a quick fix, five days, one-off; this membership will give you a business skill that will last forever. 

What if I miss a session? 

The live calls will be recorded and added to our private Facebook group so you can watch them at your convenience.

Can I contact you in between sessions? 

We will have a private Facebook community, so if you have questions for me, you can add them there, and I will get back to you within 24 hours during the working week. The membership does not give you one-to-one access to me, but you do get a 20% discount on my other services. 

Can I change my mind once my membership has started? 

Once you join, there is a seven-day cooling-off period, but I hope you will want to come along for the ride and never get off. 

Will this work for me? 

As with every client I work with, I am 100% committed to offering the highest quality coaching and mentoring, but I cannot make you do the work. The PR Sanctuary has been designed to be a supportive, energised, professional offering that combines community with the best of my experience, knowledge, and contacts. But your success will depend on you putting in the time and work. 

So, I will ask you how much you want to be in the press. Because I will work with you to do this, but you need to put on those determined shoes and walk your walk.

Ready to unleash the power of publicity and get MORE attention, MORE respect, and MORE business as a result? Come and join me at The PR Sanctuary now, and together, we’ll turn you from the best-kept secret in your industry to the name everyone knows.

Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s helped me numerous times by providing expert comments for my features in Your Healthy Living magazine. She always followed the brief and delivered the input well before my deadline, which is what an editor needs.

Liz Parry, Your Healthy Living

See You Soon!